Adonis - Min chou btechki Beirut - 1CD

Adonis - Min chou btechki Beirut - 1CD

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The story of Adonis – Min chou btechki Beirut?

Armed with a remarkably eclectic baggage of influences and backgrounds, the group soon started recording demos and posting them on Facebook, sparking interest and gaining fast popularity amongst school and university students.

Following the success of the band’s debut single ‘Daw L Baladiyyi’, which entered local pop charts and aired on several Arabic radio and Television networks during spring 2011, the band released its first studio album in July 2011; and, in early 2012, a second single from that CD for the song ‘Ma Kan Mafroud’, in collaboration with singer/songwriter Tina Yamout. Both videos were directed by Robert Cremona.

Having participated in major events and festivals across Lebanon, and collaborated with the most prominent musicians and artists on the local musical scene, the band’s sound is maturing into a rich mesh of festive tunes, folksy beats, playful arrangements and street nonchalance, with a song structure and a play of scales that often echo works from the classical Arabic repertoire.

  • Kermalik            
  • Men Shou Betshki Beirut
  • Mnomdi Bsalam            
  • Nharak Saïd                        
  • Fi Zini Ktir                        
  • Malak Malak                        
  • ‘Atayt Kel Shi
  • Amiri L Saghir
  • Eza Shi Nhar
  • Manni Herban            

Bonus Track: Fi Zini Ktir (Remix by JADE)