Fairuz - Al Mahatta - 1LP

Fairuz - Al Mahatta - 1LP

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Warde (Fairuz) arrives to a field, where Saado (Elie Choueiri) and his wife (Hoda Haddad) are cultivating potatoes, to surprise them when asking about the arrival time of the train. Noticing their reactions, she explains that the field where they are, is the train-station and that a train a due to arrive to take them to a better place. With the head full of dreams, they quickly believe the story.

The rumor quickly spreads around town reaching to the Mayor, to the chief of police, to the school’s teacher and to the inhabitants. They all gather to verify if the saying is true. Some sceptics accuse Warde of bringing troubles and chaos to town.

The thief (Antoine Kerbaje) meets Warde while trying to steal her suitcase. He finds interest in the rumor that he promotes to convince the people of its veracity and starts selling tickets to embark on the arriving train. 

Others benefit from the story to increase the price of the lands generating fast big profits.

The developments accelerate with the arrival of the train approaching.

The mayor decides, in the presence of the town’s dignitaries, to ask help from the fortune tellers, but this only adds mess to a complicated situation.

Facing the huge public interest, the Mayor decides to officially inaugurate the train-station, taking care of the people’s needs.

The selling of the tickets continue, the waiting for the train too. People start complaining and showing signs of despair… until the train arrives to carry everyone on board, leaving Warda, who did not get a ticket, alone in the train-station that she created.