Fairuz - Loulou - 1LP

Fairuz - Loulou - 1LP

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Loulou (Fairuz) is ruled unjustly for the murder of a man “Younes” and her innocence is proved one month before the completion of her fifteen years sentence.

Upon her release she tells her story to “Gergie” the Shoes Shiner (Nasri Shamseddine) who goes around the town to spread the news of her being freed. Residents run to welcome her and to inform her that they were forced to testify against her.

For her revenge, Loulou informs them that, since she paid in advance for a crime she did not commit, she will choose one of them to kill.

The people panic and they run to the judge (William Haswani) asking him to arrest her. 

Raad, the fool of the village, tells them not to believe her say treating her of crazy. This is when the Judge’s wife (Hoda Haddad) grasps the idea calling a physician to confirm it and lock her in a psychiatric hospital. Loulou while busy preparing the list of the candidates, meets him and thinks that he was the hairdresser. The doctor, finding her healthy, confesses his real identity and the people’s intention. 

While Loulou continues with her game to select the candidate to kill, many join her to suggest the names of their personal rivals and enemies. Even her old lover Nayef Bou Daraa (Joseph Nassif) comes to her pretending that his love to her never stopped but he was also forced to get married during her absence.

When a delegation from the local gangs offers their services, Loulou finds the idea entertaining and she accepts their proposal. Just in time when “Gergie” the Shoes Shiner disappears suddenly.

When the villagers ask Loulou about him, she replies that she sent him faraway to a very nice place. Everyone believes that she killed him and they start happily congratulating themselves since they were saved. Their happiness was short when “Gergie” comes back with money for Loulou’s grandfather asking her to prepare a big dinner in his honor.

Loulou invites the whole town to the party and they all agree, hoping that attending will save their lives.

But the judge’s wife and Nayef are complotting encouraging Raad the fool to kill Loulou….