Fairuz - Mais El Rim - 1LP

Fairuz - Mais El Rim - 1LP

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Zayyoun (Fairuz) is driving to her village “Kahloun” for the wedding of her cousin, bringing the wedding dress with her. But her car breaks in a village called “Maïs El Rim”. She tries hard fixing it to continue her journey, looking for Naaman (Elie Choueiri) the mechanic. But Naaman closed his shop because of an on-going dispute between his family and the family of his beloved Shahidi (Hoda Haddad), both families refusing the union of the lovers due to an old family dispute between them. The villagers are taking part of the dispute dividing the village in two clans one supporting each family.

To get her car repaired, Zayyoun decides to help bringing the families together to bless the wedding of the lovers. Instead, she is accused of causing the troubles and being responsible for this mess despite her claiming innocence.

Zayyoun getting late to her cousin’s wedding makes a phone call to find that the wedding was over.

The situation worsens when the old mayor of the village decides to marry Shahidi to end this crisis.

Facing this dramatic situation, the families finally agree to marry Naaman and Shahidi.  

Busy with the preparation of his own wedding Naaman cannot fix Zayyoun’s car. She gets help from some villagers to push her car out of the village and before she leaves she asks them to always remember her whenever two of them fall in love.